18 Best Metal Detecting Gift Ideas 2022 (Unique Ones Included)

metal detecting gifts ideas

Chances are, you have a friend or family member who’s obsessed with metal detecting, so you need good metal detecting gift ideas. Hmmm.  If I’ve guessed it right, know that we have different gifts for detectorists. To pick the best one, we recommend you start by knowing the detectorist’s interests. Do they love reading books? … Read more

Metal Detecting basics 2022 (Set the Right Foundation Today)


Everything including metal detecting has a starting point. And the truth is, even the most experienced hunters started from somewhere. By knowing the metal detecting basics, you’ll set the right foundation. Maybe you want to do metal detecting for fun, make some money through it or even become a professional treasure hunter like Mel Fisher … Read more

How to Choose a Metal Detector Correctly (Avoid Costly Mistakes)

how to choose a metal detector

It’s overwhelming, right? You want to buy a metal detector, but you’re bombarded with several metal detecting brands. Talk of Garett, Fisher, Minelab, etc. So, which one should you choose? It’s tough. We get it. That’s why you need a detailed guide on how to choose a metal detector. With the right guidance, you’ll buy the … Read more